You are worthy of your goals.
Follow through with your commitments.
Right now.

Los Angeles, CA
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It’s time for a change.
You’re ready to start.
But—you’re stuck.

You’ve talked to your spouse, family and friends, but it’s not helping.

Fixing Problems
The future
Picking a career
Fixing yourself
The past
Getting out of bed

Don't worry.
You already have the answers.
Dr. Shamtobi will help you find them.

You need to have the conversations you can’t have with the people in your life. Here's how coaching works:


Dr. Shamtobi asks the right questions.

Dr. S.

Your answers define the real problem.


Together, next steps are set

and you're held accountable.

Dr. S.

Now, the goals in your mind are real in the world.

Past Collaboration

Susan H.
Dr. S.


2 year Family Conflict Resolved


"Dr. Shamtobi has been able to help my son and I through many life altering moments. She is a fantastic listener and offers guidance in a way that makes you know it is tailored for your situation. The real world experiences, training and life philosophies she brings to the table give Dr. Shamtobi an invaluable and unique perspective to understand young and old."

Jaimie S.
Dr. S.


Career Change


"Sanam is patient, kind, loving, emotionally aware, proactive, and knows exactly how to get you to where you want to be. Couldn't recommend her enough!"

Yassi S.
Dr. S.


$10k in Loans Repaid


"Sanam is the most well rounded coach I have ever come across. She is patient, understanding, open and safe to talk to. Her education, personality, and take on life have shaped her practice into a unique and exceptional service other coaches work to emulate. I highly recommend her!"

I'm excited to help you get what you want.

Sanam Shamtobi
Board Certified Coach
Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Our work together is not meant to encourage you to feel happy, grateful and positive all of the time. The catalysts for action often live in sadness, anger, discomfort and ambiguity. I provide a judgement-free environment to navigate these feelings, while getting you from point A, to point B in the following areas:

Career change
Work/Life Balance
Stress Management
Communication Skills
Relationship conflicts
Coping with rejection
Family conflicts
Body image
Growing pains
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